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The Precious Stone Trilogy by Kerstin Gier – Book Review

Hello everyone!

This is the little story of how I came across the series:

Fun fact, my twin sister and I are born in Germany but now we live in France, and my sister’s name is Kerstin, now this name is not common in the world but it is in Germany where the author, Kerstin Gier comes from; consequently my sister and the author share the same name how cool is that?! So my said-sister picked up the books in 2014 and really enjoyed them! Two movies adaptation were made from the two first books  and my sister enjoyed them so much that she shared them with me! And I fell in love with the movies. Accordingly, since the third and last movie comes out this year, I decided to read all of the books before the movie release.

8835379 Synopsis: The story is about Gwendolyn Sheperd who unexpectedly inherits the time traveling gene, instead of her cousin Charlotte, and Gideon de Villiers the time traveler from a similarly gifted family that passes the gene through the male line. Together, Gwendolyn and Gideon, unravel secrets from the past and present.

Originally published in: (whole series) 2009-2010

Read: (All three books) during May and June 2016

My review: 4/5 stars (for the three books, even though the third one is my favorite).

Thoughts about the plot: This was my first time reading about time travelling and I am pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed learning about the past and as Mrs Rossiny would say: it’s all about authenticity. One of my favortie thing about the books were the quotes, or various documents related to the story before each chapter. It enriched the books.I laughed at loud MANY TIMES and I have not been bored one second. I even thought that the first book was too short.

I really enjoyed Kerstin Gier’s writing, it was absorbing and captivating and I thought it ended well too soon. I deeply cherish these books and I wish more people had read them.


– Bereit wenn du es bist.”


I did NOT expect that ending! Plot twist?! Mr. Whitman? The story was extremely well thought and whilst reading the third book everything falls right into place; therefore I want to congratulate Kerstin Gier for that. I absolutely love the fact that Gwen and Gideon are going to be together forever. And that Xemerius and Gwen too. I love what she did for James: I nearly cried! I have an important question though: Who is Mr. Bernhardt to Gwen?!


The characters:Gwyneth or Gwendolyn Sheperd (it depends): She was a brilliant main character. I like her sarcasm, her braveness and her personality. Many people made the mistake of underastimating her, and that’s why they lost.

Leslie Hay: I have never seen such a loyal friend. I think we all need someone like her in our lives, and if you do, keep them close. She was an essential character, really pragmatic, and supportive: I loved her! She is many other readers’ favorite and amongst mine.

Xemerius: He is truly something! I liked the fact that the story was written in Gwen’s perspective,( so she was the only one who could actually see him). It emphasized the funniness of his remarks. He was just as loyal as Leslie, and the fact that he was a ghost sorry a demon  added a twist to his character.

Gideon de Villiers: I’m a sucker for love stories. The bond that Gideon and Gwen formed is beautiful. I liked that it was not love at first sight (well, on his part), and that we saw how their story evolved. Gideon is the character who had the most character development; in the beginning he was the Circle’s puppet and then he grew an opinon of his own and I really liked that.

Lucas Montrose: He is my favorite! He is dedicated to his grand daughter, and I wanted to hug him and thank throughout the story. He was very kind and it moved me. I loved reading about Gwendolyn and his meetings! It broke my heart knowing he didn’t die of a natural death. He was soo close to finding out the secret! But at least it proves, even if we knew it. That he is a very smart man.

On the left are the french copies I own, in the middle are the original books and on the right are the english covers:

Hope you enjoyed this review! See you soon. -Karla

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