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Everything, Everything – Book to Movie Adaptation

Hello everyone!

I read Everything, Everything (by Nicola Yoon and illustrations by David Yoon), two months before seeing the movie so the details were still relatively fresh in my mind. This is a rare case of book-to movie adaptation that I’m not disappointed of. I really liked the book and I gave it four stars out of five. It was very well-written and the illustrations, and “documents’ really made it unique; it was like reading a diary. I particularly liked the fact that Madeline (the main character) was a biracial child. As a black girl, I’m not used to reading about girls who look like me so that was really refreshing. Maddy and Olly’s relatonship was really cute and its exactly what I’m looking for when I read YA novels. Olly, her love interest had a solid and personal backstory which shaped and influenced Madeline’s story and that was really interesting. Also the topic of her disease, which is SCID, an immuno-deficiency disease that prevents peope from leaving their home and interacting with others, was one of the main aspects which drew me to the book and I loved reading about it. It was nice having an insight of what it’s like for the people who have it, and their mindset about it. I understand how the ending can be disappointing for those concerned with the disease.

Now, let’s talk about the movie. It was better than what I expected. It stayed faithful  to the book though they changed and added elements, which completely make sense, because the audience is different. Also the cast was strong and I have a never ending love for Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson. They really embodied the characters and they played them very well. The cinematography was beautiful, along with the landscapes, the sea, the color of the ocean. We saw these landscapes through Maddy’s eyes in all their glory. I’m a little bit sad at the fact that they erased Olly’s background a little, it’s not as present in the movie as it is in the book, but oh well, it doesn’t keep you at all from enjoying the movie. I give the movie 8/10 and I want to see it again!

Love, Karla xx

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