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Classics Vs. Contemporaries

Hello everyone!


I wanted to talk about the comparison between Classics and Contemporaries. I recently started College and I’m studying Literature (shocking, I know.). To get to know us better, my French Literature teacher asked us who our favorite authors were. But before I could scribble: Shakespeare, Gayle Forman, Leigh Bardugo…, she told us how shocking for her it was to see classical authors next to contemporary authors. She said that we should hierarchize them, otherwise it be like mixing water and oil.

It made me so angry. She doesn’t get to decide if some authors are better than others. I understand why she would think that; especially as a teacher. But, just like she loves Classics; I love contemporary books. I love everything Gayle Forman writes, and I loved reading about the Six of Crows crew and their heist. I equally love everything William Shakespeare writes because they vibrate within me. Also, isn’t J.K Rowling the perfect example of why Contemporary authors shouldn’t be looked down upon? So when asked: “who are your favorite authors?” I think I should be allowed to write the names of both Contemporary and Classical authors.

What do you think?

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