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Ways to read Classics

Hello everyone!

Like I said previously, I recently started College. Since I’m studying Literature, I have to catch up on Classics. As a book lover it shouldn’t be a problem, but since I didn’t particularly choose some books, it makes it hard for me sometimes  and I’d love to read Outlander instead. So I had to find ways to read them, soi here’s my small list:


  • Audiobooks: Okay so now this is my favorite way. Since Classics are quite old, why not modernize them by reading an audiobook? You can easily find them for free on youtube or dedicated websites, because they no longer have author rights. You can find different voices, choose to speed them, thus, dividing by half the reading time. Bonus: it allows you to multitask! But I have to say, it sometimes makes me sleepy and I have to stay concentrated.
  • Ebook: We’re in the 21st century and most of us have transportable devices, whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop or even an e-reader. The advantage is that you can read on all of those devices and that the books are obviously lighter because you don’t have to carry the physical copy around and, bonus: you have it on you at all times.
  • Join a bookclub: not long ago, ReadbyZoe hosted a bookclub where they read a Jane Austen book each month. I thought that it was a great idea, because you could talk to people who are reading the same book as you are at the same time and you could discuss certain parts. This can be motivating as you’re not alone, and it can also expand your opinion of certain books and help understand them a little bit better. And even if a bookclub is over, you can still read the comments.
  • Plan. You have to know your reading pace, make a schedule and…Stick.to.it. Take baby steps: it can be reading 30 minutes a day for example, which is good enough already . Also the more you read, the faster you’re going to be and, at the end, you’ll become more efficient.


Well this is the end of my little list! Feel free to give me advice on how you read Classics!

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