Diversity in YA Books- a discussion

This post is very well-written and reflects how I feel as a woman of colour. Thank you for this important post Adi!

One In a Million

Hey lovely person!

I’ve been thinking about this one very important, quite controversial topic that many bibliophiles and book lovers think about, often with different view-points.


Or, should I say, a lack of diversity.

~This post is specifically discussing race and color representation~

In YA, specifically. Yes, you’re rolling your eyes, because yes, you’ve probably read several posts on this by several book bloggers. If you’re a blogger yourself, that is. But so many people out there still haven’t, which is why these posts are still being made by several people just like me.

Someone who’s reading this will think, But there’s already so many diverse books! Why are you exaggerating this so much?

Because it’s not enough. For example, look at the number of YA books with colored protagonists compared to white protagonists. Then look at the number of people who are colored compared to white.

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