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July Wrap Up!

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe we’re already in August; time seems to fly by more quickly as we grow older…Anyway, let’s stop with my philosophy and let’s dive into this post!

I can’t say I’ve had the best reading month ever because I was in a reading slump which lasted two good weeks but I’ve thankfully pulled through!

Books I’ve Read

  • Tropismes by Nathalie Sarraute
  • La Nuit Remue by Henri Michaux
  • Witch Hat Atelier, Vol.1 by Kamome Shirahama
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama

The first two books were mandatory reads for my French Literature class and they were meh, especially Michaux’s poetry anthology which I gave a two-stars rating for. It was so bad, that it put me in a reading slump. I really can’t wait for my classes on those books because I still can’t see why they’re “masterpieces”. Witch Hat Atelier was my first manga ever and it was so cute! It was a quick (I read it in three hours), fluffy and interesting read! It reminded me so much of Harry Potter, as we follow Coco, the main character, as she discovers her magical world (she even picks her own wand!). As for Becoming I adored it!I had high hopes and the book lived up to them, if not more! You can see my full (and very personal) review here!

TV shows:

  • Strangers Things

It was honestly my favorite season so far! Since we were already attached to the characters, it was such a pleasure seeing all of them again. Robin was a great new addition to the group; I loved the dynamic she had with Steve. The Scoops Troop is my new favourite group! I cried so much during the last episodes and it was bitter sweet having to say goodbye to some beloved charcters…

  • Big Little Lies, season 2

There are no other ways to say this: This season was extremely disappointing. (The cast is still as amazing as before, especially Laura Dern who played out-of-this-worldly well), the whole cinematography was breathtaking and that unique “Monterey feeling “was still there but the plot did not deliver. So many things were left unexplored and it did not give me the wow factor I was expecting. I loved seeing all the characters again but I do not think a second season was necessary.


  • Spiderman: Far From Home by Jon Watts, 2019

I can honestly say that Tom Holland is the best Spiderman ever! He embodies the character in such a real and believable way. This is perfect casting on Marvel’s part. The plot was just as incredible and well-developed. The movie conveyed the feeling I expected to have after seeing Endgame (still very disappointed). I left the movie theater feeling content and whole. It’s one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie so far. I loved it! (And bonus: Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this; that’s also a good reason to see it haha)

  • Bridget Jone’s Diary by Sharon Maguire, 2001 (rewatched)

I’m a sucker for Pride and Prejudice retellings (see last month’s post about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies haha), especially Mr. Darcy. I forgot how much I loved the books and the movies. Bridget is awkward and clumsy but she’s so passionate, strong and funny! Renée Zellweger kills it as Bridget! The cast is to die for, I mean Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in the same movie? Yes, please and thank you! I stronly believe Colin Firth’s purpose in this life is to play a 21st Century Mr Darcy. I think the essence of P&P is still there but with a modern twist! I highly recommend both the books (by Helen Fielding) and the movies.

  • The Lion King by Jon Favreau, 2019

Everyone was talking about it, espcially because of its great cast and I could not miss out on it. As a child, I didn’t see the movie entirely because I was afraid of Scar. I watched the movie as a teenager and really enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favourite. I liked the live action but it did not take my breath away . I guess I expected more from because it was so hyped up. I’m even disappointed at how different Scar looks. It wasn’t mind-blowing but I will admit that the soundtrack is incredible.

Favourite blog posts from fellow bloggers:

So many great posts this month! The authors are just as kind as their post are amazing!

Hope you all had a great month! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Karla xx

8 thoughts on “July Wrap Up!

  1. I’m so happy you liked the post! And omggg, Spiderman Far From Home was so good!! I loved Jake Gyllenhaal in it, and it was even more fun bingeing on all the hilarious press interviews with Jake and Tom afterward. I also loved and binged Stranger Things 3. Now I’m trying to find another good TV show to fill my time, but nothing seems to measure up. Hope you have a fantastic August!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I did that too! Tom and Jake have such good chemistry! 🥰
      I’m catching up on Brooklyn 99 in the mean time…
      Have a wonderful August too 😘


  2. Fantastic reading month!! And Stranger Things … UGH … LOVE! It’s crazy how Steve went from my least to absolute favourite character. What I also love about the show is I actually love ALL the different points of view happening.

    Oh! Thank you for the shout out, darlin’!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh, I’m so glad to see you loved Becoming!! I adored it so much, I seriously can’t stop recommending it to everyone because wow, it’s awesome. I’m sorry the live-action Lion King didn’t live up to your expectations- I haven’t seen it because The Lion Thing was such a huge part of my childhood and I’m scared to see it, what if they mess it up.😂

    Thank you for shouting out my posts, I’m really really happy you liked them! I hope you have a super great August. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Becoming was incredible and exceed my expectations 😍
      If you really enjoyed the movie as a child, I think you would like the live-action! It’s kind of like the same movie and I guess that’s what disappointed me…
      Thank you so much! I hope you’ll have an amazing August too 🌸💕

      Liked by 1 person

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