Monthly Wrap Up/ Favorites

February – Black History Month/ My Birthday Month

Happy February and Black History Month lovelies! 

February is my all-time favourite month because it is my birthday month (Am I too self-centred? Probably). But it is an extra special month because it is Black History Month!

Being a Black woman, is both a blessing and a struggle and it feels good to be reminded of how far we have come and how many wonderful Black artists, authors, inventors, activists, etc. there are out there.

I have decided to read at least one (or two) books written by Black people and I am starting with Born A Crime by the brilliant and charming TV host Trevor Noah. I am reading the audiobook narrated by Noah himself and he has won awards for his narration- which he deserves a 100%. I just love the way he narrates his own story. I have been caught smiling like a buffoon in public places because of the book. The proof that I have been enjoying his narration is that I usually speed up the pace a when I listen to audiobooks but with this book, I want to hear and bask in every single word Noah has to say. Stay tuned for my review as soon as I am done. 

What can you recommend for Black History Month and what will you be reading? Let me know in the comments! 

Thank you for stopping by, 

Karla xx

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