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Arc Review – Kiss Me Every Day by Dena Blake

Hello lovelies! I am out of my reading slump! Yay!!!

Title: Kiss Me Every Day

Author: Dena Blake

Synopsis: Wynn Jamison is turning thirty. Her career has made her rich, but her love life is sorely lacking. She’s okay with that until she spends her birthday dinner with the woman who could’ve changed it all. There’s only one problem. She’s married to Wynn’s sister.

Carly Evans is tired of her wife ignoring her needs to put her career first. Family has always been important to her, and Jordan just doesn’t seem to care.A freak thunderstorm rages during the night, and Wynn finds herself catapulted back in time to the day she made the worst decision of her life―stepping aside to let her sister romance Carly. Reliving the day over and over again, Wynn must decide what is most important: success, loyalty, or love. Given a second chance at happiness, will she take the opportunity and change her destiny?(Goodreads)


This was a « groundhog day » type of book where the same story repeats itself but it has a sapphic twist!

There are many things I liked in this book, the first one being Wynn’s character development. It wasn’t that Wynn was particularly unlikable in the beginning, it’s just that she became kinder by the day. It was wonderful seeing her opening up to others, listening to them and teaming up with them. That made her friendly and relatable.

The second thing I loved was her chemistry with Carly. That’s why the beginning was so frustrating to read because it felt like they were stuck in their lives so it was wonderful seeing them falling in love each day. It was amazing to see how well and purely their relationship evolved. The last chapter and epilogue were very cute and satisfying. I really enjoyed them. I also liked how several stories were intertwined and how a single day can impact your future, it was a perfect exemplification of the butterfly effect; I loved that! I also liked how each day wasn’t identical to the following one – it was even raining at some point. The highlight of the story was definitely Suzanna’s kindness as well as the dogs! They were so cute!

However I gave this book three stars because several things bothered me:

  • The slow beginning. I know we needed many elements to set the story and see which things where meant to be “fixed” but I think it was a little too slow and Wynn and Carly’s chemistry wasn’t really there even though it was supposed to be. Also, I liked none of the characters at the beginning and it almost kept me from continuing the story. (I am very glad I did though).
  • Jordan. Jordan was the WORST. She treated Carly terribly and almost “pimped” her to her sister. How messed up is that? She was mean, condescending and inconsiderate. She was almost caricatural because she was two-dimensional and that bothered me. When I read the blurb I kind of expected a love triangle. I would have liked her to have more depth so Carly and Wynn’s situation would have been more challenging. I’m sorry but lust is not strong enough to get people to marry one another. I don’t believe the fact that they got married so quickly. I don’t feel like there was any spark between Jordan and Carly. That part disappointed me a little.
  • The last thing that disappointed me was the ending. The last pages were too quick! The last chapter needed to be longer. I know the author needed a transition (with the hospital) and it was kind of smooth but I was confused. I think this could have played out a bit better. And once again it was too quick.

The ending was still satisfying and well-written so that’s okay but a few more pages wouldn’t have hurt.

Thank you stopping by!

Karla xx

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