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New rating system inspired by Greek mythology!

Hello everyone!

I am introducing a new rating system! I have always been obsessed with Greek mythology and I wanted to fit that into my blog. I thought it would be fun to have a new rating system inspired by Greek gods and goddesses! The gods and goddesses will be chosen based on my personal preferences and what they stand for.

Here’s how the new five stars rating system works:

5 stars: Persephone – Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring. Persephone is my favourite goddess because she is full of contradictions – she represents both strength as queen of the underworld and a softness as a floral maiden. She teaches me how it’s okay to be both. If Persephone appears, that means that the book was one of the best books I’ve ever read, that it holds a particular place in my heart and that it is now part of my favourite books ever.

4 stars: Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty. That means that I really liked the book, whether it was the writing style, plot or characters. It means it was an amazing book that I would completely recommend for the beautiful piece of art it is. However the book is not a Persephone because something keeps it from making it one of my favourite book ever.

3 stars: Apollo – God of archery, music and dance, the Sun and light, poetry, and more. I really like Apollo and what he represents. That means that I really enjoyed the book and my experience reading it. That means the book is worthy of Apollo.

2 stars: Ares  – God of war. He often represents the physical, violent and untamed aspect of war and is the personification of sheer brutality. Ares will be invoked when a book has made me angry, whether it’s because of its content, writing style or disappointing aspect.

1 star: Cronos – God of agriculture, father of the Titans. Cronos learned that his own sons would overthrow him, just as he had overthrown his father. He decided to eat his children to prevent it. Cronos is considered a “villain” in Greel mythology and that’s why he will represent one star ratings for me. I don’t think he will come up often because even if I hate the book, I still appreciate the work put behind getting a book written and published and I don’t think it deserves one star.

Other icons:

Pheme: The goddess of fame, gossip and renown – This goddess will be invoked when a book has received a lot of attention and is praised by critics and the book community. She will be featured whether the book lived up to my expectations or not.

Medusa – Gorgon. She is mostly known for being a monster, but before she was a monster, she was a beautiful mortal woman with beautiful hair who has been sexually assaulted by Poseidon in a temple dedicated to Athena. As a punishment she was transformed into a monster. This goddess will be featured whenever sexual assault is mentioned in a book. It will also be a trigger warning.

Iris– Goddess of rainbows. Nothing new here, we all know that rainbows represent the LGBTQ+ community so this Goddess will be featured whenever a queer relationship or character appears.

Athena– Goddess of wisdom, poetry, art, and the strategic side of war. I will feature the goddess whenever there is a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour) because they are a symbol of resilience, strength and wisdom to me. I also want to put forth African folkore, myths and gods and since Athena is the goddess of poetry and art I thought it was fitting.

Picture credits:

  • Proserpine de Rosetti
  • Apollo by Charles Meynier
  • Birth of Venus by Botticelli
  • Ares, by Alcámenes 
  • Saturn devouring his children, Goya
  • Iris, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
  • Hermes Ingenui (Vatican Museums), Roman copy of the second century BC after a Greek original of the 5th century BC.
  • Medusa: Décoration de porte provenant des fouilles de Pompei. Musée archéologique national de Naples.
  • Kairos, par Francesco Salviati.

Icons by me!!

I’m very excited about this rating system and I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it won’t be too confusing for you!

Karla xx


60 thoughts on “New rating system inspired by Greek mythology!

  1. Hi there! I just found your blog and this is the first post I stumbled upon. I love this unique idea! It was interesting to read through your rating system, especially since I don’t know much about greek mythology…or any mythology. That picture of Cronos is scary! Very fitting for a one star haha.

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  2. i love this new rating system! and persephone is brilliant so i’m unsurprised you chose her to represent five stars. personally, athena & aphrodite are my two favorite goddesses. brilliant post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, what a creative rating system Karla! I adore Greek mythology as well so I love how you’ve managed to incorporate it into your reviews 📚❤️ X x x

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