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Project – Reading 10 books in 3 weeks!

Hello lovelies!

I created a new book-related twitter account and it has highly inspired me to read more books this summer, especially since I now have the time to do so. This project is inspired by Laurie @ReadBetweentheSkylines who herself was inspired by Sasha @abookutopia (on youtube) who wanted to read 10 books in 21 days!

Here’s what I would like to accomplish:

  • I would like to read (at least) 10 books
  • Read most of the books on my physical and digital TBR
  • Get ahead on my Goodreads reading challenge
  • Post about the challenge
  • Review the books read for the challenge

I have a lot of books which are over 400 or 500 pages so I will try to throw in some plays or poetry to make this challenge easier as well as some audiobooks!

Here’s my TBR:

This TBR might change over the following weeks since I have two audiobook credits and I might switch to other books.

What are some of your favourite tips and tricks on reading more? Let me know in the comments!

Karla xx

6 thoughts on “Project – Reading 10 books in 3 weeks!

  1. Wow that’s quite a challenge!! When I did this last year, I tried to pick shorter books, and you almost exclusively picked HUGE ones ^^ I hope you succeeded and enjoyed yourself 🙂

    I didn’t have the time for this summer but I’m excited to try this challenge once more in the future.

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    1. Well I realized my mistakes when I saw the length of most of the books I picked 😅 I changed most of the books I was supposed to read but I still managed to complete the challenge! And I loved it!! Thank you for the idea 🥰

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