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The Traitor Queen by Danielle L. Jensen – Short book review!

Hello lovelies!

I recently finished this wonderful book and I wrote a short review for it, so here you go!

This is the second book in The Bridge Kingdom duology so no synopsis because there are spoilers!!

4 stars: Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty. That means that I really liked the book, whether it was the writing style, plot or characters. It means it was an amazing book that I would completely recommend for the beautiful piece of art it is. However the book is not a Persephone because something keeps it from making it one of my favourite book ever.

Let me start off by saying that the audiobook version is FANTASTIC! I loved it so much. The actors really brought the story to life and it made me enjoy the book so much more than I would have by myself.

This book was even more gripping than the first one and I loved every single moment! It was action-packed and entertaining. It was filled with angst, hope and love and I couldn’t get enough. Lara and Aren (I don’t know how their names are written lol) have such a beautiful and strong bond that made every single moment of the story believable and enjoyable. Their love was so strong and deep and they’re one of my favorite couples ever.

The plot and pace kept me on my toes and the sorry was so full of twists, turns and different characters! I only had a few chapters left and I thought: how is the author going to wrap up the story in a satisfying way? Well she did. Beautifully.

I am now on my way to read more books by the author because this story had everything I love: great romance, great plot, great characters; what more do I need??

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