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Shadow and Bone Meet and Greet – My experience! ✨

Hello lovelies!

May, 8th 2021 was one of the best days of my life. Yes I’m being dramatic but yes this is very true.

It all started on the beautiful day the website for Shadow and Bone on Netflix went up and there was a form for a little while where you could RSVP for a chance to be in the same Zoom meeting as the Shadow and Bone cast. Since I spend most of my days on twitter and that I have a “grishaverse list” I knew about the opportunity as soon as the website went up. I almost didn’t sign up because I have social anxiety and I was scared of what would happen but I decided to still sign up and I’m so happy I did!!

Then came the emails where my heart really stopped beating; I still couldn’t believe this was happening and I’m pessimistic so I thought that if i started sharing my excitement it just wouldn’t happen.

The event lasted two hours and each group had 20 minutes with the cast and crew where we could ash questions and interact with them!

When we received our time slots I found people on twitter and we bonded over the cast and had a nice Zoom meeting just for us where we fangirled and had a little euphoric high over the fact that the zoom was under 20 mins. We were all anxiously waiting for the link for the zoom and I was STRESSED about my wifi connection but then the link dropped and then the wait began.

I was in the first time slot so the host had to figure out how to add the people in the group as well as the cast and crew so I think my group didn’t have as much time with the guests than the later groups but I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

I honestly don’t remember a single thing, and I mean it, a single thing that happened in the meeting and if there were no pictures I would have thought that I had dreamed it. It was surreal. I took screenshots and pictures of the meeting and you can see my little window on the corner.

Here are a few pictures of the cast and me:

Even the cast posted a few stories on instagram and twitter and I still couldn’t believe it happened.

I rewatched a few videos and snippets andI found a lot of recordings on Youtube from the other groups but here’s one video from my Zoom if you’re interested!!

Haha that’s it! I still can’t believe it happened and I am so fortunate that I lived this moment. One of the moments I nearly cried was when Leigh Bardugo appeared because I have been a fan since 2016 and I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing her. We owe it all to her and I love this cast so much and it was just incredible to see them interact and acknowledge the fans and being happy to see us in return.

20 thoughts on “Shadow and Bone Meet and Greet – My experience! ✨

  1. OH MY GOSH CONGRATS!!!! That’s so amazing and lucky, I’d never heard of this (otherwise I definitely would have signed up) but that is absolutely amazing!!! Did you get to actually speak to the cast and ask questions or was it just listening to them talk?

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    1. Thank you so much!! 💕 It was incredible!! No I completely blanked and forgot to ask questions 😂 And since I was in the first time slot, the moderator cut our microphones off but he turned it on for later groups! 🥰

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  2. Congratulations this sounds awesome!! I’ve seen great things posted by everyone who took part. I would be so nervous to meet the cast and I don’t that I’d be able to ask any questions because I’d be so star struck lol

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  3. I attended the meet and greet too and AHHHHH it was the best day! I was SO NERVOUS AND STRESSED lol but it was so amazing getting to be in the same zoom room as the cast XD And I also don’t remember a single thing that the cast talked about because I was so focused on taking screenshots! XD Luckily someone uploaded my entire session to YouTube so I can just rewatch it

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      Hahaha right? I was just posing for my own screenshots and it went by soo quickly!! BEST DAY EVER!! When I saw the recordings I thought “did this really happen?” 😂😂

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