Life Update

Life Update – Unexpected hiatus and Blogmas announcement!

Hello lovelies!

Long time no see. I don’t really know how it happened, but I took an unexpected hiatus which is a shame since I read a lot of books that I genuinely adored and wanted to share. I read more books than I ever have, but November is always synonymous with seasonal depression for me and I also had a test that I have been preparing for, for years and I couldn’t bring myself to write a single word because I was so stressed or unmotivated. I guess that explains why I took left, but I still enjoyed reading so many amazing posts by the bookish community. I am happy to see that November is ending because all of these things are now over and I can finally breathe. I really missed posting and since I had such a good time doing it last year, I will be participating in Blogmas from December 1 to December 24 !

Here’s the posting schedule, subjected to minor changes over the weeks:

  • Day 1: October and November Wrap-Up
  • Day 2: 5 Christmas books on my TBR
  • Day 3: The Festive Christmas Book Tag
  • Day 4: 5 cozy books perfect for Winter
  • Day 5: Reading goals for 2022
  • Day 6: Discussion Post
  • Day 7: 5 Books on my TBR for 2022
  • Day 8: Hook Shot Review
  • Day 9: Book review
  • Day 10: Books I gifted in the past
  • Day 11: The Hating Game – Book vs Movie
  • Day 12: Books that can be read in one-sitting to reach your reading goals!
  • Day 13: Winter Wonderland Book Tag
  • Day 14: Book review
  • Day 15: WWW Wednesday
  • Day 16: 22 books to read in 2022
  • Day 17: Top covers of 2021
  • Day 18: Top 5 Favourite Books of 2021
  • Day 19: Most anticipated 2022 releases
  • Day 20: Books I would love to see adapted on screen 
  • Day 21: 5 Hades and Persephone retellings
  • Day 22: WWW Wednesday
  • Day 23:  Illumicrate unboxing 
  • Day 24: Merry Christmas Eve – Things I’m grateful for 

I hope you will enjoy this content and I am looking forward to interacting with you all! Feel free to give me suggestions if you have them!

5 thoughts on “Life Update – Unexpected hiatus and Blogmas announcement!

  1. Welcome back Karla!! I am so glad to hear you were able to read so many books in November and hope your exam went well! Good luck on Blogmas, so excited for all your posts!


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