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Happy New Year’s Eve and Goodbye 2021 🥺 🥳 Top 21 books of 2021, stats and more! ðŸ¥°

Hello lovelies and Happy New Year’s Eve! 🥰

This is the customary “how is it December 31st already??” but…I still can’t believe how quickly time flies. This year was very weird, special, exciting and overwhelming but the best part is that I connected with so many people within the book community and I will always be grateful for that. So to anyone who has ever liked, commented or visited my little corner of the internet, thank you so much! I really appreciate you ❤️.

So first, here are some stats about my bookish year. If I don’t finish the Spanish Love Deception tonight, I will have read 104 books out of the 70 originally planned, with 35 books ahead of schedule, which is more than I even hoped! 🥰 My average rating is 4.3 which is pretty high but I finally figured otu what I liked reading and I’m easy to please haha.

This is such a fun chart! I did not expect to have read so many “emotional” books this year but it makes sense. The category I am most proud of is definitely “mysterious” because I read thrillers for the first time and actually enjoyed them! I’m hoping to read more in 2022! I’m open to any recommendations!

No surprise here because I really dislike slow-paced books so I gravitate more towards medium or fast-paced books. Also I like big books! I haven’t read enough of them because I wanted to reach my reading goal, and then I wasn’t in the right mindset to read them but this is definitely something I want to work on in 2022.

Surprise?? I really love when books have romance in them, even if it’s in the background or not even reciprocated. I just want *love* so whenever there’s a romance with couples I root for, you nearly automatically get 3 books from me.

Stats are great, but books are better. Here are my favourite 21 books of 2021! 🥰

My favourite book of the year was hands down Legendborn, and the second book in the trilogy, Bloodmarked, is my most anticipated release of 2022! But I have read some remarkable, incredible books and if you haven’t read them, please consider adding them to your TBRs!

Except The Ice Planet Barbarian book, these all have amazing Black representation, with funny, loving and brave characters who I look up to and loved spending time with! The Ice Planet Barbarian got me out of a reading slump and it was a fun enemies to lovers book which I really enjoyed!

Spoiler Alert, was so cute and had great fat rep, Always Only You had amazing autism rep, with a delicious grump/sunshine dynamic; The Viscount Who Loved Me and The Duchess Deal were amazing historical romances which made me believe in love and Your Dad Will Do is the best spicy book I have ever read.

These books were all perfect in their own way – in their genre, the writing style, the characters! I would recommend these forever and ever.

These all have romances, but while some are lighter, full of laughter, like That Time I Got Drunk and Saved A Demon, which i enjoyed for the escapsim, I really loved the topics tackled in Sick Kids In Love, With You Forever or Hook Shot. AGood Girl’s Guide To Murder was a “surprise favourite” because of the amazing way the plot was carried out and the romance between Pip and Ravi.

I wish you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and a bookish, lovely, healthy and happy New Year!

See you next year!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve and Goodbye 2021 🥺 🥳 Top 21 books of 2021, stats and more! ðŸ¥°

  1. happy new year! omg yay for reading 104 books and having such a high avg rating!! love that for you! I also loved cemetery boys and the poppy war and legend born and am glad to see them on your fav books of the year list too! ❤


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