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Blog Tour – The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Book Review and Favourite Quotes

Hello lovelies!!

I am so thrilled to be part of this blog tour hosted by TBR and Beyond for The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes because I fell in love with the series when I read The Inheritance Games in the beginning of the year and The Final Gambit is a wonderful conclusion to the series!! Here’s the link to the tour schedule to support all of the amazing post by fellow bloggers!

Synopsis: Avery’s fortune, life, and loves are on the line in the game that everyone will be talking about.To inherit billions, all Avery Kylie Grambs has to do is survive a few more weeks living in HawthorneHouse. The paparazzi are dogging her every step. Financial pressures are building. Danger is a fact of life. And the only thing getting Avery through it allis the Hawthorne brothers. Her life is intertwined with theirs. She knows their secrets, and they know her.But as the clock ticks down to the moment when Avery will become the richest teenager on the planet, trouble arrives in the form of a visitor who needs her help—and whose presence inHawthorne House could change everything. It soon becomes clear that there is one last puzzle to solve, and Avery and the Hawthorne brothers are drawn into a dangerous game against an unknown and powerful player.Secrets upon secrets. Riddles upon riddles.In this game, there are hearts and lives at stake—and there is nothing more Hawthorne than winning.

  • The Final Gambit(The Inheritance Games #3) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Genre:Young Adult Mystery
  • Publishing Date:August 30, 2022

5 stars: Persephone – Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of Spring. Persephone is my favourite goddess because she is full of contradictions – she represents both strength as queen of the underworld and a softness as a floral maiden. She teaches me how it’s okay to be both. If Persephone appears, that means that the book was one of the best books I’ve ever read, that it holds a particular place in my heart and that it is now part of my favourite books ever.

Iris– Goddess of rainbows. Nothing new here, we all know that rainbows represent the LGBTQ+ community so this Goddess will be featured whenever a queer relationship or character appears.

There is no better feeling than having one of your most anticipated releases of the year living up to your expectations!

True to the previous books, the writing style in The Final Gambit was brilliant. Truly, simply brilliant. Tobias Hawthorne is the genius behind the clues but Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the true mastermind. I don’t know how she managed to write another story full of intrigue and riddles that followed a similar pattern from the previous books but managed to reinvent itself. There were new characters and higher skates but it all came together perfectly. This book is so easy to read because the pace is perfectly balanced and, as Tobias Hawthorne’s clues, everything is sequential and makes sense. This was a true page turner. Avery Kylie Grambs, will always be one of my favorite characters. I loved how relentless, smart and curious she was! It was so refreshing to read about such a genius character who was still a teenager at heart wit teenage problems. After two books, we had a better grasp at all of the Hawthorne boys’ temperaments but it was nice that they still managed to surprise me. I will miss their constant chaos and their beautiful brains.

I do have to say that I wish the epilogue took part later on in life and that we had a little less Grayson and Avery! Their relationship should have been explored more in book two so Jameson and Avery could thrive in this one; Jameson lost a little bit of his personality and became a love sick puppy and not the adventure-seeking stud he was in the first book.

It’s so bittersweet to say goodbye to some of my favorite characters but this book was a fantastic way to end the series

Favourite Quotes

“Pay no attention to Avery!” Xander instructed. “She’s just a little gun-shy from The Incident.” Max snorted. “What incident?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Xander said, “and in my defense, I didn’t expect the zoo to send an actual tiger. Now…”.

“The move – it’s called the Queen’s Gambit. Whoever’s playing white puts that second pawn in a position to be sacrificed, which is why it’s called a gambit.”

“I’ve never actually been friends with a guy first,” Max continued. “Like, even in fiction, friends to lovers? Never my thing. I’m more star-crossed tragedy, supernatural soul mates, enemies to lovers. Epic, you know?”

“I love you. I would die to protect you. I would make you hate me to keep you safe because damn it, Avery – some things are too precious to gamble,”

“But take as your consolation this, my very risky gamble: I have watched you. I have come to know you. As you draw fire away from those that I hold most dear, know that I believe there is at least a sliver of a chance that you will survive the hits you take. You may be tested by the flames, but you need not burn.”

About the Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes (who mostly goes by Jen) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book (which she now refers to as a “practice book” and which none of you will ever see) when she was still in high school, and then wrote Golden the summer after her freshman year in college, when she was nineteen.

Author Links: Website I Twitter I Instagram I Goodreads


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