reading bullet journal

Reading Bullet Journal!

Hello lovelies!

I decided to try and read more books in 2021 (at least 70!). Even though I still use Goodreads, I thought it would still be nice to write things down myself and see the evolution of my reading on paper. I’m not really good at crafts and drawing but I still tried my best and I thought I would show some of the spreads here, so here goes nothing.

First, you can see my cover pages. I tried to use some stickers I had and a lot of Black paper. I really like the way the color looks on the pages so I used it a lot. I included some of my favourite quotes ever from Crooked Kingdom, and ACOTAR.

Okay so this page isn’t the best but I tried my best. *Smiles through the pain*. I like the fact that I can draw the cases in and feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I finish a book. On the second page, I plan on printing my favourite book of each month and have a nice visual image by the end of the year.

I’m a sucker for stats and I like the idea of seeing how many physical, audio or ebooks I read.

This is my favourite page! I’m really indecisive and I taught it would be nice to let fate decide which book I would read next. The yellow page is for my ebooks TBR and the right page is for the physical books on my TBR.

I also like this page to see the amount of books I purchased and a nice reminder of my 2021 reading goals.

This is also a nice visual spread of the books I read in the year. I really like the colour and it is motivation for me to keep reading and getting out of slumps.

On the left there are the 21 books i want to read in 2021 (I might make a post on that) and on the right side are my most anticipated releases of the year!

This is my January spread; I tried to go for a “Rory Gilmore/ (dark) academia vibes” theme but it turned out to be a little bit of a mess; oh well.

I took inspiration mostly on Pinterest and by the queen herself on Journal With Chloe on Youtube check out her page if you don’t already know her!):

So I hope you enjoyed this disaster and I’ll see you soon!

Karla xx