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Five of my favourite books with trans representation 💕🏳️‍🌈

Hello lovelies!

I can’t believe today is already the last day of Pride month. I went to my first Pride parade ever and had a great time. I was very overwhelmed by the reality of it and I got emotional at how everyone was allowed to be themselves and proud of who they are. I know it was a privilege to be able to go and that there was even a parade and I don’t take it for granted. It made me grateful for the growing visibility of books written by queer others or featuring queer characters, that are as important as ever. So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite books with transgender representation where the characters also happen to be people of color.

I think Cemetery Boys is one of the first books with a trans character and also a trans author that I have ever read. I instantly fell in love with Yadriel and his chaotic ghost, the themes of belonging, loss and family and the healthy dose of culture and tradition present in the book.This was both a love letter to queer teenagers as well as Latinx culture. The story had so many different layers which made it as enjoyable as it was. It was action-packed, had solid plot and tackled important topics. I will always recommend it. This book wonderfully alternated between fun, sad, and emotional moments and it had a healthy dose of everything. I also would like to say that I get spooked very easily and that based on the synopsis I wouldn’t have gravitated towards this story but the author wrote this book wonderfully and I am so happy I gave it a chance. I cannot recommend this enough.

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🌈Happy Pride Month – June TBR 🌈

Hello lovelies and Happy Pride month!! 🌈

I am soo happy that we’re in June and that so many queer books are getting the attention they deserve!

I finished my school year on June 2nd, (which explains my absence) but I am back and I now have a lot of free time on my hands and I want to read as much as I can this month!

I identify as a panromantic demisexual but I’m also fine with the bisexual label. And here are my flags!

I’m trying to diversify my shelves as much as I can and I have found a great bingo on instagram to do so (@onceandfutuebooknerd and @bookstorevibe).

So here are my June Hopefuls:

Trans/ genderfluid/non-binary mc: Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
Ace/Aro mc:  Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows (ARC)
Queer rep in a non-wetsern setting: Sweethand by N.G Peltier
Queer book by a BIPOC author: Ace of Spades by  Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé 
Queer x neurodiverse/ disabled mc: Something to Talk about by Meryl Wilsner
Fat x queer mc: Off the record by Camryn Garrett
A book celebrating queer joy: Cool for The Summer by Dahlia Adler and One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston
Non-fiction queer book (I really struggle with non-fiction so I'm skipping this one).
Queer historical fiction: Lying With Lions by Annabel Fielding 


And I’m also going to co-host a book club on Instagram (let me know if you want to join) and we’re reading Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar!! I can’t wait to receive my copy and read this one . I have also loved Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas so I cannot wait to read Tryst Six Venom which is sapphic and got published on June 3rd!

What are some books on your June TBR? Let me know in the comments!

Karla xx

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June Wrap Up!

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe June is already over!  I had such a productive month! I did not get the exam results I hoped for but I got a lot of time to rest and relax and that meant more reading time! I read a fair amount of books and watched a lot of TV! Here are my June favourites!


Books I’ve Read



Link for reviews:

The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston – Review

The Beholder by Anna Bright – Review

Alexa, tout en nuances by Erika Boyer – Review


TV shows:

AAAABeOlPFhpoNIpUekqZEp_CA7--ZTij01Oc73fVURCxZQoyMHjOZhiCUhK2E0jrCsrPkq9HFSF583V_akJO8TDIzvu2s392SQSd-O9ZuI9UCxHqIoPpQmaSex Education

I have a lot of catching up to do regarding TV shows but I finished watching Sex Education and it was so cool! I really love all the characters and how it tackles all those ‘taboo” topics such as abortion, masturbation and so on.


dcf90fe26b059cefbd297e1261dbcf9d04e2f36333db857481693e7d1de3d1753b075756Big Little Lies Season 2

I missed these characters soooo much! I love how we get to see how everyone deals with the aftermath of his death and the trauma that ensues and everything that unraveled in the first season. I can’t wait to see how this season endsIfIg you haven’t seen the first season I highly recommend it! The show and the actors have won awards for their performances including a Golden Globe for Alexander Skarsgård!!


91kPp-nNY7L._SY606_I have finally watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Burr Steers,  adapted from Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel! I’m a sucker for P&P retellings and I loved the horror, gothic twist of the story! It was just badass and feminist and I liked how the Bennet sisters were portrayed. The cast was so well-chosen sepecially Darcy and Mr. Collin. It’s also funny that IRL Matt Smith and Lily James are dating when Lily James plays Elizabeth Bennet and Matt Smith plays Mr. Collins.

Favourite blog posts from fellow bloggers:


What are your June favourites? Let me know in the comments!



Book Review

LBTQ+ Book of the Month – “Alexa tout en nuances” French Book Review

44667691Titre: “Alexa (Tout en Nuances)”

Auteure: Erika Boyer

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Review: Ce roman est un véritable bijou. Je ne pensais pas que j’avais besoin d’un livre comme celui là et pourtant… Erika Boyer peint la vie et les épreuves que doivent affronter le magnifique couple que forme Alexa et sa petite amie israelienne Eden. Leur amour est si pur, sain et bienveillant. Alexa aime sa compagne plus que tout mais elle ne peut la présenter à sa mère qui a la religion en horreur. Or, Eden est juive. Le roman se base sur cette difficulté et Erika Boyer traite de sujets sensibles à la perfection.
L’auteure parvient à mêler avec brio des moments douloureux (l’aggression sexuelle d’Eden, le récit de la mort de Nicolas (le frère d’Alexa, le sacrifice d’Ezra…) et des moments apaisants et paisibles (le voyage dans le Sud chez Hyacinthe et Éléa, les moments de complicité entre Alexa et Eden et le Noëlouka chez elle; moment culminant et parfait).
J’aime le message de l’auteure: la religion n’est pas mauvaise; les hommes le sont. J’aime le fait que Erika Boyer ait brossé le tableau de personnages qui sont pleinement ce qu’ils doivent être; ce que c’est que d’etre croyant au 21è siècle. Eden est croyante et elle est lesbienne. Sa sexualité ne change en rien la merveilleuse personne qu’elle est. Elle adapte son mode de vie moderne (travail le dimanche, Noëlouka) avec la pratique de la religion juive.
Les relations, qu’elles soient amoureuses, amicales ou fraternels sont décrites de manière juste et crédible.

En tant que fan de la mythologie greco-romaine, j’ai beaucoup apprécié le clin d’oeil à Athéna et je pense que la déesse elle-même serait fière de la comparaison avec Alexa.

J’ai tout aimé dans ce roman.

Le livre est également ponctué de très belles citations:


Quel que soit le choix que l’on me propose, si tu es dans les propositions, ce sera toujours toi. Tu n’es pas une option; quand tu es mise en jeu, il n’est même plus question de choix. C’est toi, toujours.
J’aime Dieu, mais qu’Il me pardonne, je l’aime, elle, encore plus.
Je l’aime, je l’aime plus que tout. Pardon, mais je l’aime plus encore que je ne t’aime. Ne m’en veux pas, cela n’enlève rien à l’amour que je te porte, mais je suis incapable de me passer d’elle.