Blogmas Day 5: Reading goals for 2022 🏆🗓

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to day 5 of blogmas!! I am very happy with today’s topic because I can see myself coming back to this post throughout the year to check in and see if I’m making progress with my challenge.

First, I’m going to set a yearly reading goal of 80 books; which is ten books more than what I set for this year. I’m actually at 98 out 70 books read this year, which I am incredibly proud of because I used to read 50 books or less (which is still very impressive; reading even one book a year is amazing!) but it was nice to see that it was something that I could do! Reading more books has allowed me to read more diversely and discover new genres and tropes that I didn’t know I liked. I also read more books by Asian authors this year and I realized how much I missed out on. I read a lot of diverse books this year and most of them were actually my favourites but it’s not nearly enough and there are still so many gems out there waiting for me to read them. The following list is a little ambitious but I’m going to try my best and I think it will be fun to see what I managed to achieve by the end of the year! 🥰 So, without further ado, here are my reading goals for 2022.

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reading bullet journal

Reading Bullet Journal!

Hello lovelies!

I decided to try and read more books in 2021 (at least 70!). Even though I still use Goodreads, I thought it would still be nice to write things down myself and see the evolution of my reading on paper. I’m not really good at crafts and drawing but I still tried my best and I thought I would show some of the spreads here, so here goes nothing.

First, you can see my cover pages. I tried to use some stickers I had and a lot of Black paper. I really like the way the color looks on the pages so I used it a lot. I included some of my favourite quotes ever from Crooked Kingdom, and ACOTAR.

Okay so this page isn’t the best but I tried my best. *Smiles through the pain*. I like the fact that I can draw the cases in and feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I finish a book. On the second page, I plan on printing my favourite book of each month and have a nice visual image by the end of the year.

I’m a sucker for stats and I like the idea of seeing how many physical, audio or ebooks I read.

This is my favourite page! I’m really indecisive and I taught it would be nice to let fate decide which book I would read next. The yellow page is for my ebooks TBR and the right page is for the physical books on my TBR.

I also like this page to see the amount of books I purchased and a nice reminder of my 2021 reading goals.

This is also a nice visual spread of the books I read in the year. I really like the colour and it is motivation for me to keep reading and getting out of slumps.

On the left there are the 21 books i want to read in 2021 (I might make a post on that) and on the right side are my most anticipated releases of the year!

This is my January spread; I tried to go for a “Rory Gilmore/ (dark) academia vibes” theme but it turned out to be a little bit of a mess; oh well.

I took inspiration mostly on Pinterest and by the queen herself on Journal With Chloe on Youtube check out her page if you don’t already know her!):

So I hope you enjoyed this disaster and I’ll see you soon!

Karla xx

Reading Year

My 2020 Reading Goals

Hello lovelies! Last post of the year! How quickly it went by…I am very excited for the New Year and everything it will bring. I am ready to start over! Hope you will all have an amazing year. In the meantime, here are my reading goals for 2020!

Read 50 books

This year I have managed to read 45 books and it’s pretty good but I want to read more and more consistently! So here’s to hoping I read 50 books in 2020.

Read more French and English classics

This is something I really wanted to do for a while. As a girl who will major in English Literature I feel like this is almost a given. There are so many great classics out there and I really want to read them this year!

Post more reviews

I started truly getting serious about my blog during the summer and it reminded me of how much I like to share my thoughts on books and discuss my favourite, quotes, characters and plots!

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