Favourite posts from last month and blogger shoutouts! 💕

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share my posts from last month on my January wrap-up but I completely forgot to do so. Instead of editing the January post I thought I would dedicate a post on my favourite posts and shoutout some bloggers who I genuinely like. The book community is lovely and I’m so happy to be a part of it with so many amazing bloggers and content out here; it always makes me thrive to do better.

Favourite posts from January

Blogger shoutouts:

Meghan @Whimsically Meghan is the most supportive person ever! Even when I wasn’t a 100% involved in my blog and was trying to figure out how I would manage it, Meghan was always so nice and kind. She always commented on my posts and encouraged me and I am eternally grateful for her!

CHERELLE  @A BOLT OUT OF THE BOOK has one of the most beautiful blogs ever! Not only is her design stunning but she also has the best reviews and general content! I’m always looking forward to reading her posts.

erin @ Reading On A Star. I love how simple Erin’s blog is but everything falls into place and makes her content unique; I love her reviews, authors interviews and tags! I love all the books she talks about in her blog, and I also check out her blog for recommendations.

ahaana @ Windows to Worlds writes the most wonderful book reviews! I love the way they’re structured and how simple they are! They’re always nice to read and I really enjoy them!

SOFII @ A BOOK. A THOUGHT. pours so much into her blog and her content is so rich. I love interacting with her and she always puts a smile on my face. I cannot recommend her blog enough.

Rachelle Saint Louis @ Educated Negra. Rae is one of a kind. I love everything she does and I’m so grateful we’re actually friends. I love how she puts forth Black joy and shows Middle Grade books which is not a genre I read a lot of.

Noura @ THEPERKSOFBEINGNOURABLOG. She always reads the most amazing, inclusive books and I love all of her content! I especially like her weekly reading blogs because she always motivates me to read so much more!

LEYANIS @ THEBLOGGERANDTHEGEEK has it all! Her content is lovely, her blog is aesthetically pleasing and I just genuinely love all of her content! The fact that she’s a fellow aquarius makes it all better.

That’s it folks! Thank you for reading as always!

14 thoughts on “Favourite posts from last month and blogger shoutouts! 💕

  1. karla!! i love how you’re spreading all the blogger love, and i definitely found some amazing new bloggers from this list!! i also always look forward to reading all your posts, because your blogging voice is just so strong!! thank you for mentioning me 🥺🥺 it means a ton to me that you like my blog 💖

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