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Top 5 “main males” – Top 5 Tuesday Tag

Hello guys! I’m back for a TOP 5 TUESDAY hosted by Shannah @Bionic Bookworm Blog (go check out her blog, it’s amazing!). Today we’re doing my favourite main male characters. It is quite a hard tag for me because most of the characters I read about are female characters, so most of the characters won’t necessarily be the main character of the book but rather the main male character of the book as in the love interest or the best friend… (which is what this tag is about haha). So here we go! This is not in order of preference.

Kaz Brekker- He is just sooo charismatic! He is just so mysterious and peculiar! I love his backstory. If I had to go to warn I would like for Kaz to be on my time. He would be in charge of the logistics and probably out-manoeuvre my enemies.

Rhysand- I have just too much love for Rhysand. These few lines won’t ever do him justice. He has suffered so much for the people he loves and cares about and he deserves all the love in the world. And even beyond. He’s perfect.

Bishop Lattimer- Once again here:  Sacrifice, Love and Understanding. He is everything I look for in a significant other and I love him too damn much.

Sirius Black- So I have come to terms with the fact that Sirius Black is my favourite Harry Potter characters. His story is just heartbreaking. I know he has flaws but his love and courage are what define him and I love him.

Prince Maxon- The letter he wrote to America in the third book had me IN TEARS. He fights for what is right, he’s loyal, he’s humble and brave. I love him, he’s perfect.

Do you agree with my picks? Let me know!

-Karla 🙂

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